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Here at Happy Hockey our vision is to be a place where anyone can find their happy, through the sport of hockey.
We offer coaching, coach education and club development opportunities in a fun, safe and development to environment.
We promote and reward our principles and values to help our participants become healthier players by becoming happier people.
We inspire our attendees to learn, train and play the game of hockey today, tomorrow and for the rest of their lives.
Our aims are to increase the number of people playing hockey; improve the wellbeing of our participants through playing hockey; and build sustainable communities of play where our players can continue playing hockey.


Peter Thomas

Peter started playing hockey in his back garden with his dad when only a small boy. He has played for school, club and country but his greatest focus is on inspiring others to play the game he loves. 

A Level 3 England Hockey Coach he has been coaching for over three decades across schools, clubs, county and university in the UK and US and studying counselling for the past three years. 

Happy Hockey is a product of his experiences on and off the hockey pitch to create a new approach to coaching and playing the game, that is accessible to anyone.

Peter Thomas - hockey coach
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